The basic   idea of the Career Coaching Program is that every student has a personalized structured plan for their career and a coach to help them make it happen.


The program is exceeding our expectations.  The reception by the students, the volume of student/career coach interactions and the implementation of new concepts by the school staff are beyond what we could have imagined.  In the fall term of 2020, there are about 80 career coaches working with the entire freshman, sophomore and junior classes totaling about 320 students.   Each coach is assigned 3 or 4 students.  The school has done an amazing job of facilitating the process for student/career coach meetings.  Under normal circumstances we were running about 300 appointments per month which translates to around 3,000 appointments for the 10 month school year.

Every student committed to a structured personalized plan that leads to a fulfilling career

What is a career plan?

Click on the image below to view a sample career plan.  

Who's in the partnership?

The Thillen Education Foundation has partnered with the Greene College & Career Academy (part of Greene County High School) in Greensboro, Georgia. Click on the image below to learn more about the partnership involving 80 volunteer career coaches from the community and how it all began.  


Also, view the pictures and bio's of the 80 career coaches by clicking on the sub-menu under the "Career Coaches" tab.

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Student Perspective

of Career Coaching

Video of student presenting to prospective new career coaches

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