The COVID-19 Impact

The Unprecedented Effects of COVID-19

Never before in recent history has an illness impacted nearly every facet of human daily life, yet COVID-19 has turned our once predictable world upside down and inside out. With case numbers rising and communities across the world in turmoil, we are feeling its devastating effects on a local level.

Greene County High School and Greene College & Career Academy students are in need, and the GCCA career coaching team stands ready to respond.

We understand that communication with students has been difficult at best. Internet connectivity for continued schoolwork has been a shared community household challenge. We realize that students are working outside the home and caregiving for family members more. These students are studying less, and early grade reports demonstrate just how impactful COVID-19 continues to be, even on those households not directly impacted by the virus. Student grades and motivation are suffering.

As our community members grapple with the logistical details of managing child care, work, unemployment, homelessness, virtual schooling, in person classes, and hybrid approaches to traditional classroom learning, we understand the challenges this presents to the coaching model and appointment schedules that we have established and previously executed with great success.

The GCCA career coaching team is responding to this fluid situation, working closely with school administration to adapt procedures and protocols to comply with COVID-19 safety directives, new school policies, and emerging student needs.

You, our coaches and volunteers, are the GCCA career coaching program’s most important asset. Your knowledge, experience, and compassion strengthen our organization, and more importantly, allow our participating students to thrive.

Please bear with us through the frustration as we continue to adapt to our “new normal.” We need you, your passion and your energy, and we could not achieve our program’s mission without you.

Thank you once again for your continued commitment to student achievement and excellence. You are our inspiration.

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