All donations are greatly appreciated.

To meet the challenging objective of providing scholarships for every student who continues their education beyond graduating from Greene County High School, substantial donations are required from an elite group called our "Scholarship Partners".  This group is held in high regard by the career coaching team, school staff and most importantly the students.  

It is our honor to recognize our "Scholarship Partners" by engraving their name on a large plaque that hangs on the GCCA career center recognition board.  The board will be made with a great deal of pride by students in the construction pathway. 

"Scholarship Partner" levels:

                Bronze - $500

              Silver - $1,000

              Gold - $3,000

              Diamond - $5,000

All donations of $10,000 or greater will be "Mega Donors" and have an individual "Scholarship Partner" plaque on the recognition board.

"Scholarship Partner" Donations   as of  October   18, 2020

Kara & Ayal Latz

Bob & Jean Schoen

Ed & Joan Meyer

Mike & Liz Butler

George & Pat Fleet

Beverly & Richard Sparkmon

Drew & Jenny Santee

Don & Susan Loft

Rob & Karen Mitchell

Tom Smith

John & Nancy Meyer

Theresa & Adam Senter

Richard Anderson

Lawrence & Patricia Hone

Jim & Bo

Julie & Rick VonHaam

David & Patricia Goldrich

Thomas Family Foundation

John & Judy Rosensteel

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Acra

Dave & Elaine Thillen

Sustaining Donors: Tom & Pat Ware, Larry Kludt, Radhakrishna Vemuri, Karen Faison, Frank Elliott, Tom & Marshall Kincheloe,  Stephen Heard, Douglas LeGrande, David Gaffney, Dave Boucher,  Thomas R. Sprott, Jr,  Phillip J. Turrie, Marcelo Roman, Patrick Kearney

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