Meet Our Coaches





The Thillen Education Foundation is honored to work with community volunteer coaches from all professions and walks of life including neonatology, law, insurance, real estate, finance, banking, technology consulting, civil engineering, and so much more.


Our coaches have done research for defense think tanks, while others have proudly served in our nation's military. Among our coaching volunteers are authors and artists, chefs and entrepreneurs, photographers and printers, chiropractors and real estate agents, veterinarians and designers. Our students gain perspective from small business owners and corporate leaders, and learn from educators and civic changemakers.

At the heart of our program's success are nearly 100 coaches and support team members who engage with Greene County High School students participating in the Greene College & Career Academy. 


Together, coaches and students take part in planned events, strive toward a shared goal, and set out to achieve milestones along a guided path to personal and professional success.


What Our Coaches Say


Rob Mitchell,

Board Member and Coach

Our mindset should be that no student will be left behind, regardless how much catching up they need to do. Many of them are secretly despairing because they think they aren't good enough to succeed. We need to help fill them with self-confidence and intrinsic motivation to be all they can be!

Rosie Hermann, 


Getting to know my students on a personal level and gaining an understanding of their individual talents and goals, as well as the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis, continues to enlighten me. The structure of the Greene College and Career Academy provides the support needed for all our volunteer career coaches to guide these deserving students toward making big plans for bright futures!" 

Marjorie Ellis, 

Board Advisor & Coach Liaison 

Our students are fortunate to have so many talented and experienced professionals  give freely of their time and expertise. Thillen Education Foundation coaches are shaping lives in more ways than they might realize. They are making a vital difference in what the future holds for our graduates.