• Michelle Valigursky

Books: Flip the Switch on Stress

Can stress be good for you? Behavioral designer Nir Eyal, author of bestselling books Hooked and Indistractable, contends that in certain circumstances stress can be beneficial.

In his article How to Turn Off Harmful Stress Like a Switch Eyal writes, “Stress comes from the future, but not in the Marty McFly way.” Though the Back to the Future film reference may be humorous, the message is real. Eyal adds, “The stress we experience is based on our perception of what’s going to happen next. If we anticipate a threatening situation, our body releases stress hormones to prepare us to face the threat.”

Using historical references and current research from performance coaches and psychologists, Eyal digs deeper into how stress can be used in an advantageous way. He poses a question and offers advice. “Are you facing the stress of an uncertain future? If so, it helps to focus on what you can control.”

For more great nuggets of wisdom, read and share the complete article here on Eyal's blog Nir and Far.

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