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Be Curious, Share a Coffee, Shadow a Pro

Updated: Sep 18

How do you build a professional network? It's easy if you take the first step!

Students, don't wait to start building your future.

Attend social gatherings on campus to mingle with staff, professors, and guests. Assume leadership roles in student organizations to increase your contacts. Reconnect with former members of your club or fraternal organization. Don't miss any opportunity to present your very best self at networking events that could help you on the path to your career.

Ask lots of questions.

Be genuinely curious about another person’s life story and learn something new from every single person you meet.

Tap into the power of your built-in global network and seize opportunities to interact with school alumni, on or off school campus.

So how does networking actually work?

Let's take a look at this infographic on how to build your network.

Remember, many adults have worn your shoes, and they understand the road you are about to travel toward shaping a career. When starting a conversation with someone you don't know well, begin with your common bond – your high school or community experience.

If you hope to enter the professional world, established a LinkedIn profile with the help of a coach. Like a resume on the internet, LinkedIn automatically opens the doors to interaction with those in professions you admire. Send personal invitations with a note to professionals, teachers, coaches, and community leaders. Ask them to help you build your professional network.

Once connected to someone, offer to volunteer at their place of business and shadow them to learn the intricacies of a role. Pick up the phone and call individuals working at companies about which you aspire to learn more. Make appointments to visit professionals in your hometown. Begin building additional strong professional relationships as soon as you finish reading this article.

Actively seek interpersonal connections, and don't rely solely on communicating through technology. Elevate your interest level in others and master the art of small talk with people unlike yourself.

That one connection you make may open the door to an incredible future.

Start down your path by connecting with me, Michelle Valigursky, on LinkedIn.

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