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In 2021, We Resolve . . .

As the New year dawns, we might heartily welcome it on a big sigh of relief. We made it through 2020!

As a partnership involving GCCA, the community and our nonprofit foundation supported by generous donors, our resolve and our resources are stronger than ever. Our career coaches and supporting team stands strong and continues to grow, paving the way for a return to in-person coaching and learning with gusto. The sparks we've lit this year during stressful (and a bit chaotic) times will ignite our success in 2021.

At year's end, our scholarship funding stands at $120,000, with an additional $40,000 in donations committed for January. This influx of much needed funds translates to excitement and motivation that will assist in reaching our goal of student success. It means that our hardworking GCCA students will reap the rewards to launch their future dreams in college or to start a career.

"We could not be more proud of our organization of community volunteers who daily influence the lives of hundreds of students," says Dave Thillen, founder. "In spite of the impact of coronavirus, every single day our partnership of a school, community and a unique foundation gains momentum."

2021 is going to be a very exciting year. Be on the lookout for a major collaboration announcement coming to your inbox soon.

And Happy New Year to one and all! Our hats are off to you as part of an overall team that steadfastly provides a guiding light showing the path to success for all of our students!

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