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Tools: How do I build my credibility?

"Studies show that cohesive and diverse networks increase profitability and productivity,” says Chi Chi Okezie, Owner and Producer of Simple Networking LLC and Editor-in-Chief of Connect More, Your Practical Networking Digest.

In her latest video, Okezie shares great tips on enhancing professional credibility.

· Have a completed online profile with a consistent brand.

· Make sure your contact info is current / up to date.

· Use an email signature (with contact info, possibly a photo / logo, marketing and promotion details).

· Check / respond to messages on a regular basis. (Use apps to streamline your process and efficiency.)

· Connect with like-minded people and support them.

· Offer tremendous value to your networks.

· Be ethical and responsible. (Golden Networking Rule: Treat others they way you want to be treated.)

· Last but not least, make relationships a priority. Be eager to connect, show interest.

Watch the video here:

Okezie is the author of two books and hundreds of articles. Simple Networking offers ways to maximize your memberships with organizations, foster relationships, and add value to your networks. Networking Made Simple provides a compilation of articles for solving networking dilemmas, including tips for timely follow up and learning how to navigate through career and professional uncertainties.

For 14 years, Simple Networking LLC has served major corporations, top universities, institutions, and federal agencies. SN is a consulting firm based in metro Atlanta, GA and is a Black Women Owned Small Business. SN wants you to succeed in network, cultural competency, and development. For more helpful networking advice, subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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