• Michelle Valigursky

We Give Our Thanks

As Thanksgiving approaches this year, our hearts are filled with many mixed emotions as “normal” takes on new meaning. We all miss the free-spirited and spontaneous get togethers of the past, and though our celebrations, meetings, and business events may look and feel different now, we still cherish the connections we make with family, friends, and colleagues, on screen or in person.

At Thillen Education Foundation, we want to share our thanks for each and every one of our coaches who has taken a stand and made the commitment to affect change in a young person’s life. You share a meaningful source of inspiration and a message of hope that the future will be bright. You use your own life lessons and professional skills as reference to inform a student’s life and career goals. You lead by example, and you encourage students to believe in their own potential.

To our supporters, we say thank you for believing in our mission to rally the community around the kids participating in Greene College & Career Academy’s coaching program. Their ability to earn scholarship “Dave Dollars” for college expenses or professional supplies is fueled by your generosity and passionate support.

And to our partners, we are proud to serve our community together.

We are blessed in so many ways, but we are most thankful for all of you, our friends, our colleagues, our supporters, and our benevolent community.

Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

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