All GCCA students  who graduate Greene County High School, beginning in the year 2022, earn funds during the freshman, sophomore, junior & seniors years. These funds can be used in 2 ways: scholarships or "professional supplies".    


 Scholarships are to be used for continued education at institutions offering 4-year degrees, 2-year degrees, diplomas, or certificates.  "Professional Supplies" funds are to be used for purchases such as boots, tools, cutlery, laptop etc. by students who have completed their pathway and are ready to start their careers.   

A student may claim their earned funds for up to 2 years after high school graduation.  The timeframe expands to 6 years for students serving in the military.

Individuals and teams are recognized during assemblies held every quarter throughout high school. The accumulated  amount can be increased during the senior year through individual achievement challenges not to exceed $2,000.  Our philosophy is for students to earn scholarships in small amounts each quarter over four years of high school as opposed to the usual submission of an application and an essay. 

Individual Recognition - career coach interaction, parental involvement, career plan progress, books read over summer, community service, etc.

Team Recognition - most classes passed, % on track to next grade level, % passed all classes, team GPA, etc. 

Distance Learning Recognition - each class participates every month in a drawing for $100 Dave Dollars.   Every time a student contacts their career coach, their name goes in a hat.

Who participates?

The Thillen Education Foundation scholarships and "professional supplies" are earned by students attending the Title I (poverty) high school that has an enrollment of 90% minority, provides busing and all students qualify for free breakfast and lunch.

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