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Who is pushing you?

Updated: Apr 29

I read a motivational quote the other day: “Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.” I think that quote needs to be modified. Maybe something like “Push yourself because there is no value if someone else does it for you.” After all, if someone does your homework for you or takes a test for you or writes a paper for you, you gain nothing in the long run.

This concept is so important to our students. I am sure other coaches encourage students to do certain things. I know I give my students “homework” like “look this up, call this person, find out this information”. I could do it for them but again, where is the value? My challenge is whether or not the student does what I ask them to do. I know some do and I am pretty sure some do not. It is almost as if they think they will get the information through osmosis. But that is a high school student for you. It is gratifying when they do the “homework” and disappointing when they do not but as a coach, we must keep pushing to get them to finally push themselves.

So in the career coaches life, pushing our students is what we do. As parents, we push our kids, as teachers, push and even employers will push their employees. This is life. If a student can learn that reality, then maybe they will be able to push themselves.