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Career Coaching is like a big Independence Day party!

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

By the time you read this blog, our nation’s Independence Day will be long over. As I was watching some wonderful fireworks, I thought about other types of independence our students will have the opportunity to celebrate. I am not talking about parties and picnics, but actual life changing opportunities career coaching has made available to them.

As you know, these kids live in a very poor community. Some families are struggling to make ends meet. There are many programs available which can help with meals, clothes, computers etc. but there are also many details that career coaches are helping with. For example, learning to look a person in the eye, how to shake a hand, building self-esteem and what to say and wear at a job interview. While it might seem that these things are small when you look at putting a meal on the table, they are huge when it comes to helping a young adult become independent from the poverty cycle and start a successful career. Imagine, independence from poverty, now that is worth a party.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good party. And add fireworks, I am a happy girl. I think every kid that graduates from career coaching and continues their educational journey or starts a career deserves a party with fireworks. They may not get that, but each of them should celebrate. It is not easy to accomplish what they have done and will do. And working with a career coach is like taking that first step into the real world.

In the meantime, If you would like to know more about Career coaching or would like to share your story, comment below to this blog and let me know your story.

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Dave Thillen
Dave Thillen
05 ส.ค. 2565

Thanks for the inspiring thought that there is reason to celebrate as students work with career coaches on a plan for their lives.

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