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Come on down to Florida!!!

Updated: Apr 29

As I write this blog, I am sitting in a rental home in sunny Florida. While it isn’t 80 degrees it still is a lot warmer that Greensboro and I am happy. It always amazes me how location, warm and sunny weather effects my energy level, dispostion and work ethic. Maybe it effects you and I bet it challenges our students as well.

I started to look up why that is and interesting there is not a lot of research but what I did find was a study done by Houston Methodist Medicine in 1984.

The study found “that the amount of sunshine, temperature and humidity had the greatest effect on mood. In particular, it showed that high humidity lowered concentration and increased sleepiness.” Additionally, a 2005 study showed spending time outdoor in pleasant weather resulted in improvement in mood and memory. But other studies showed a less significant link. Nice weather didn’t make a happy person happier but it did improve an unhappy person but not significantly.

So, I guess, you can decide for yourself. It helps me, I know that. But what about our students. Ask them. And if they prefer nice weather, encourage them to take advantage of that. Suggest they take study breaks and go for a walk outside. Get some fresh air. Shut the TV, phone and other electronic devices off. What a novel idea.