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Did I Make a Difference?

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Thillen Education Foundation Founders Dave and Elaine Thillen attended an outdoor concert when they first heard the Oak Ridge Boys play the song "Did I Make a Difference?"

The lyrics touched their hearts and instilled in them a vision for a brighter future for students. As the Oak Ridge Boys so eloquently continue to sing:

Somewhere there's a teacher with a heart that never quits Staying after school to help some inner city kids A mother who's a volunteer, a soldier in the fight I can't help but ask myself when I lay down at night

Did I make a difference in somebody's life? What hurts did I heal? What wrongs did I right? Did I raise my voice in defense of the truth? Did I lend my hand to the destitute? When my race is run, when my song is sung Will I have to wonder, did I make a difference? Did I make a difference?

Both Dave and Elaine were profoundly impacted by the message and moved to ensure that they did something meaningful with their lives.

And on that night, "Did I Make a Difference" became the Thillen Education Foundation career coaching program theme song.

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