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Educating students takes a village

Updated: Apr 29

Armondre Geter and career coach George Rountree
George Rountree (right) has been Armondre Geter’s (left) Career Coach for all four years that Armondre has been in Greene County High School. (Credit: Mark Engel, Lake Oconee News)

In many ways, 17-year-old Armondre Geter is an example of what the Greene College and Career Academy hopes to do for more students attending Greene County High School.

Armondre is a senior graduating in May. When he entered ninth grade at GCHS in August 2018, he was paired up with George Rountree as his Career Coach in what was the first year of the College and Career Academy.

For both Armondre, who has his whole life in front of him, and George, a retired Caterpillar Tractor executive, it was something new.

Armondre Geter
Armondre Geter, 17, will graduate in May from Greene County High School with the support of his “village” - teachers, parents, family and a personal Career Coach from the Greene College and Career Academy. (Credit: Mark Engel, Lake Oconee News)

“I think it was weird in the beginning, but I think everybody got used to it,” Armondre told the Lake Oconee News during a recent meeting he and George had at the school. “I see him two times a month. He’s into a lot of stuff like applying to a college, any