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First Day of School… for Students and Career Coaches

Updated: Apr 29

On August 1, 2022 the 450 students at Greene County High School (GCHS) returned for classes in the morning and their 130 volunteer career coaches from the community returned for a kickoff in the afternoon.

The kickoff began the 5th year of the Career Coaching Program at the Greene College and Career Academy (GCCA) located inside GCHS. The largest class of new career coaches in the program’s 5 year history were recognized – 33 new career coaches to work with the 100+ new freshman students. Since last May was the first graduating class of students in the coaching program for all 4 years of high school, this year is the first opportunity for career coaches to return to the program even after their 3 or 4 students graduated – the 7 returning career coaches received a big round of applause.

Members of GCHS staff including Eddie Hood (Principal), Jessie Draper (Assistant Principal), Derrick Williams (Athletic Director) and Laura Ringer (Freshman Transition Class Teacher) welcomed the community volunteers and thanked them for partnering with the school. Eddie Hood expressed his appreciation for the career coaches by stating “Thank you for getting involved in building relationships with our kids. We want our kids to have positive relationships in a positive high school environment. We are into transforming a school culture that will one day transform our community”.