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New Career Coaches Meet Freshman Students

On September 30th, 106 freshman students met with 30 new Career Coaches for the first time, simultaneously. It was a sight to behold. It was the first day of a 4-year relationship for the student/career coach pairings. With the inclusion of the class of 2025, all 4 classes in Greene College & Career Academy now participate in the Career Coaching Program.

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A student holds two Dave Dollars
A counselor meets with a studet

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Experience the rewards of playing a role in sending a hard-working teen to college, advancing their professional skills, and ensuring a guided, financially-assisted path to their future. 

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Activate your corporate mission by partnering with us to advance student opportunity through earned financial assistance and respectful diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Dave Thillen with a student and teacher
A student and teacher with face shields

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Nothing is more exciting than seeing our kids engaging with our volunteer life coaches. Join us for our next in-person event! 

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