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Thillen Education Foundation Welcomes Banksouth as a New Business Partner

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Thillen Education Foundation (TEF) is delighted to announce the addition of BankSouth to their esteemed list of business partners. The partnership of TEF with Greene College & Career Academy (GCCA) along with a growing list of education, community and business partners marks a significant step forward in the shared commitment to ending generational poverty in Greene County, Georgia.

For several years, TEF and GCCA have been working diligently with various educational and community partners, such as Greene County High School, Athens Technical College, Greene County Habitat for Humanity, Atlas Ministries, Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club, The Victory Train, and Goizueta Business School at Emory University. These collaborations aim to provide comprehensive support and resources to the local community and students attending GCCA at Greene County High School.

BankSouth joins a distinguished group of TEF business partners, including Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP, Gypsum Management & Supply, and Ernst & Young. These partners have made a substantial impact on the students served by TEF through initiatives like pro bono foundation formation, making connections as well as funding Salesforce software development and license contracts, and providing assets including a 14-passenger mini-school bus and granite-top conference room tables.

The Board of Directors of BankSouth, chaired by Harold Reynolds, demonstrated their commitment to the community by making a generous $10,000 contribution. Reynolds, who also serves as Chairman of the Georgia Board of Regents for the University System of Georgia, expressed his appreciation for the transformative work undertaken by the 180 volunteer career coaches involved with TEF. “As a lifelong resident of Greene County, it’s thrilling to see the outcomes Greene County high school students are accomplishing, through the commitment of so many volunteers engaged with the Thillen Foundation program,“ said Harold Reynolds, President and CEO of BankSouth.

TEF, with its goal to uplift the lives of the 600 students served thus far and many more to follow, is invigorated by the tremendous support from volunteers and contributors in the community. “BankSouth, with its track record of community involvement, resources and local future employment opportunities will help empower students and TEF volunteers to change things for the better toward a bright future for everyone,” commented Thillen.

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