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What I have learned on the Golf course

a golfer swinging a club

I am sure you all remember or at least have heard about the book “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”. It was pretty popular a while back. I would like to modify that by saying “All I really need to know I learned on the Golf course”. Really, don’t laugh…think about it. Patience, Compassion, Joy, how to deal with Frustration, Perseverance, Practice and so much more. I have learned all these things and I still am a poor golfer. Go figure.

I am sure if you golf, you have learned the same or at least have experienced those things. Our students have to learn these concepts as well but probably don’t have access to the game of golf. But they do have access to other activities that can teach the same things. Our job as coaches is to find out what they enjoy doing and see if they experience the same things. Perhaps, the video games they play, a sport they participate in or a job that they have.

Life is full of activities that will be frustrating. The students have to learn how to deal with it and persevere. They will meet people who are different than they are, they need to learn compassion and patience. They need to find careers that give them joy. And most importantly they have to learn patience, compassion and perseverance with themselves. It’s not easy and life is messy. I know we as coaches, teachers and parents can help.

In the meantime, if you would like to know more about Career coaching or would like to share your experience or thoughts on the above topic, comment below to this blog and let me know your story.

Until next time… remember you have learned a lot on and off the Golf Course!

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Agreed. You can learn many things on the golf course including humility.

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