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What's Good About Spring?

Updated: Apr 29

I love Springtime. The new life popping up from the ground, pretty flowers, trees coming into leaf, baby animals abounding and all that. Of course, with all that new life there are some issues: pollen, rain, mud and oh did I mention pollen. But still, it is a beautiful time of the year.

People are also feeling the changes happening in spring. I have a sense that students are realizing that there is a finite time left in their high school education. Certainly, Seniors are feeling this but I think Juniors are as well. My conversations with my junior students have been interesting. They are starting to second guess themselves and their choices, starting to rethink even continuing on in school. They are feeling a bit of anxiety for their future. So as a coach, it is our job to reassure them that they are on the right path while listening to their concerns and helping them articulate exactly what those concerns are.

I am learning so much about my students and teenagers in general. They are so easily influenced by social media. They watch ticktock videos and think that they could be social media influencers. They think that looks easy and they want to try it. After all, how hard could it be to post a video and rake in all the money. Boy if they only knew. That is what I am dealing with concerning my students. Luckily, I think I have my kids back on track. I would love to know if there are other coaches experiencing the same things with their kids.