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Impact Update: Q2 2022

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

First Class Graduates

The Career Coaching Program began in August 2018 when Greene College & Career Academy first opened its doors and partnered with the community. It is now four years later and we celebrate the time-honored stage-walk of our first graduating class of dedicated, inspirational students. These students worked hard to achieve their educational and life goals and, in turn, played a significant role in shaping the evolution of our growing program. Parents, relatives, teachers, and career coaches cheered the new graduates onto the next step in their futures.

$120,000 Awarded

On May 17th, the 84 students of the Greene County High School Class of 2022 received a total of $120,000 in financial assistance, awarded by Thillen Education Foundation. Students earned $50,000 in 'Dave Dollar' financial commitments throughout their high school career for academic and professional milestones achieved and $70,000 in "Next Step Funds" through applications for scholarships or career start packages. We are so honored to have presented these students with real funds to continue their education, advance their professional and technical skills, or launch their skilled trade careers.

Top 10 Graduates Receive Laptops

The Career Coaching program has been very beneficial. It helped me set and make goals for myself and set me on the road to accomplishing the career I want to pursue. It gave me a perfect and direct layout on how to get to my end goal.

~Zanobia Brown - 2022 Graduate

The Career Coaching program really helped me explore many different things about what I wanted to do after I graduated high school. The best thing to ever come out of this was how everyone got their own career coach! Dual enrollment helped me to prepare for college because I began my welding career in high school. Now I will be able to start at Athens Tech and complete my welding certification and get a good-paying job.

~Yordy Perez Lopez - 2022 Graduate

Proud Career Coaches

Graduation was an exciting time for all, but especially for the senior career coaches who have mentored their students for the past four years. We are excited to announce that 32 new career coaches have already joined the team for the incoming freshman class.

2022 Next Step Award Recipients

Scholarship Award Recipients Plan To Attend:

Albany State

Athens Technical College

Augusta University

Georgia Southern

North GA Technical College

University of Georgia

University of North Georgia

Wesleyan College

Special Needs Enrichment to Take Place:

Extra Special People (ESP) Camp

Military Recipients Plan to Serve:

National Guard

U.S. Air Force Reserve

Entrepreneur Plan Career Starts In:


Fashion - Clothing Brand

Final Assembly Art Presentation

“This logo is a representation of all the hard work that Mr. Thillen, as well as our career coaches, have put in to help and encourage us to fulfill our dreams and go out to pursue our biggest goals in life. The arch symbolizes a doorway or path, with each triangle representing togetherness; with all of us working together, helping and supporting each other, we can overcome even the toughest of challenges. The golden triangles that complete the arch are a point, showing that this is the path to take to success. We are very appreciative of our career coaches and Mr. Thillen."

~Jenna Mayo - 2022 Graduate

Based in Greensboro, GA, the 501(c)(3) Thillen Education Foundation (TEF) is a distinguished community-based earned financial assistance program based on personal coaching and committed to honoring the achievements of 450 students participating in Greene College & Career Academy at Greene County High School, a Title I school. Through corporate sponsorships and funding support, TEF strives to break the cycle of systemic poverty by financially enabling post-secondary education and skills training for hardworking students.

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